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The Miami Beach Oleg's Manual  is currently offering a 60-, 90-minute deep-tissue and structural, myofascial massage and medical massage focusing on the spinal degenerative pathology.

This professional healing practice does not replace a service provided by your Medical Doctor or Chiropractor.

Oleg’s Manual Healing holds the following:

- Assessment of your body condition

- Deep-tissue and structural, myofascial massage

- Therapeutic massage of the spinal degenerative

  disco-pathology accompanied by pain

- Hot Stone massage


The primary reason  getting this sessions:

 - Pain relief and spine rehabilitation       (headache; cervical, thoracic & lumbar radiculopathies, sciatica)

- Stress release & improving body flexibility



          A deep-tissue massage - currently the most popular bodywork the clients require. It is a structural myofascial relief in the Russian-European style provided by Dr. Oleg (Ukraine).


          The therapeutic/medical massage for the spinal degenerative pathology with elements of post-isometric relaxation is an effective approach of the vertebral rehabilitation. Therapist’s foreign medical educational background, experience in neuropathology, manual therapy and reflexology made a big therapeutic difference, effectiveness and efficiency in the elimination of symptoms.

          Whenever you work with Oleg's Manual, you can trust  you have great healing hands. The patients satisfied with a level of professionalism, and you can trust the quality treatment provided.

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Monday to Sunday

Currently after COVID-19 events

60-min session - $110

90-min session - $150

30-min treatment for spine - $90

930 Washington Ave, Suite 202

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Text to: 347-359-6935

The Background

  • Registered Nurse, BSN, Florida International University & United States University

  • Massage Therapist, License, International Institute for Health Care Professionals, FL

  • Master of Health Services Administration (Diploma), St. Josef’s College of Maine       

  • Phlebotomy Technician (Certificate), Daytona State College; Daytona Beach, FL

  • Medical Doctor (Diploma), specialized in Neurology; Zaporozhye State Medical University; Ukraine

  • Manual Therapy & Acupuncture (Certified); “Rehabilitation Center Stoganenko; Zaporozhye, Ukraine

  • Manual Therapy, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (Certification); Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Manual Therapy, study and practice under Dr. Keller, O.N. & Dr. Kasyan, N. A. supervision; Ukraine

  • Acupuncture (Certification), Kiev, Ukraine; Acupuncture (Certification); Moscow, Russia

Satisfy Your Expectations


            The licensed deep-tissue structural myofascial massage and therapeutic massage for spinal degenerative pathology is provided by Dr. Oleg (Ukraine) and is based on his medical background, knowledge of neurology field and his experience in manual therapy and acupuncture in the past. It appears as an effective and an efficient approach for your body and spine rehabilitation.

           Starting foreign medical practice and manual bodywork, spine correction, and reflexology more than 30 years ago, the current licensed sessions of deep-tissue, structural myofascial massage and therapeutic massage for the spinal degenerative pathology was initiated in Miami in January 2018 with an enduring decision to participate in healing and preventive services to refine a quality of life of inhabitants and visitors.

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Welcome to Oleg’s Manual Healing

                    Located in Miami Beach, our preventive and therapeutic services currently offer deep-tissue and structural myofascial massage and therapeutic massage focusing on the spinal degenerative pathology

The practice is licensed by Florida Department of Health Division of Medical Quality Assurance